Jack Skellington merchandise

Jack Skellington merchandise

Welcome to our Jack Skellington Merchandise Section.
No doubt, our main character from the Nightmare before Christmas deserves his own exclusive section aptly called Jack Skellington Merchandise.

If you’ve ever had the fortune to watch the stop motion animation – the Nightmare before Christmas, you’ll appreciate the special message that this animation is trying to impart – the choice between good and evil.

Jack Skellington merchandise consists of unique Halloween clothing, cell phone covers, socks with unique designs, key rings and the popular Jack Skellington Character key, – a wall mounted 6 x 8 inch plaque boasting eye-popping vivid coloring and attention to detail.

Because of the attention to detail that went into the making of this piece of Jack Skellington Merchandise, only 1000 have ever been produced, making the Character Key a collectors item for all those in love with Jack Skellington!

Where to get Jack Skellington Merchandise

There are quite a number of retailers online offering replicas of Jack Skellington merchandise, the allure obviously being the popularity of the action figure, if I may call Jack Skellington that.

Whilst the most popular retailers such as Amazon also carry Jack Skellington Merchandise, the most popular items are not easily found, and one has to know specifically what they’re looking for, and how to search for the merchandise, in order to purchase!
Jack Pumpkin
That’s now a thing of the past however, for we have scoured the internet to find you authentic Jack Skellington Merchandise plus other fun items created around your favorite character, such as bean bags, huggable pillows, lingerie (better believe it) and other items of clothing too!

This stunning character key from Jack Skellington’s Nightmare Before Christmas highlights the Pumpkin King himself, in eye-popping color and marvelous detail.
Measuring 6-inches tall x 8-inches wide, this character key is limited to only 1,000 pieces, after which it goes off production!

So grab your own individually handcrafted Jack Skellington’s Character Key Today!

Jack’s character key is also individually numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity, making this striking work a part of your Halloween town as you keep the fantasy alive!

An old-time, traditional animator’s term, a “key” is a thumbnail of a character or a background element with color reference. Character keys are composed of a cel layer floated over a lithographic background. The cel presents a color rendition of the character, while the background features sketches and color reference.

If you’ve never had the occasion to watch the Nightmare before Christmas story, you’re in for a great treat!

Jack Skellington Merchandise, We’ve scoured the Internet to find the best Jack Skellington Merchandise as well as

Nightmare before Christmas action figures!
We feel this time we’ve outdone ourselves, and hope you’ll stay a little while longer to search for, and find your favorite Jack Skellington piece of merchandise or figurine!

Jack Skellington is as loved by the whole town due to his outspoken and extroverted nature; in other words, he’s our go-to guy!

Whilst the story of Jack Skellington is centered around Halloween, it’s actually been able to breach well into almost all holiday seasons in the US, from Arbor day, right through Labor day, past Halloween and well into Christmas!

Why, you might ask?

Well, Jack Skellington, aka the Pumpkin King, even though lives in Halloween town, is restless and bored to his bare bones, literally, about Halloween, whilst the rest of Halloween town celebrate this holiday – like they’ve always done each year…

Who wouldn’t if the only celebrated holiday was Halloween?

Jack Skellington Merchandise - Cellphone CoverOne day, Jack Skellington’s wondering nature leads him to a circle of trees in the woods which he has never seen before…

As you would have it, these trees represent Halloween town’s connection to other holiday-themed Worlds. On further investigation Jack discovers a portal in the shape of a door to the other side, which is Christmas.

Jack’s curiosity gets the better of him and he opens the door to find himself in a land full of lights, laughter, merriment and snow -Christmas!

Try putting a toddler in a candy store and you’ll understand what Jack Skellington felt like in Christmas land.

Excited at his discovery, Jack attempts to explain the Christmas theme to his town folk upon returning to Halloween town.

Try as he might, his attempts are futile and, to really make the whole town comprehend Christmas, Jack realizes he has to make Halloween town believe in the Magic of Christmas!

Therein lies the magic of this movie – belief!

Unique Jack Skellington Merchandise

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington 18 Limited Figure ReplicaJack is so much like you and I in so many ways. Despite his flaws, he’s yearning for something better and beyond his present comprehension is the mastery of this classic animation from Disney, and Jack Skellington is a favorite of many as a collector’s action figure.

Suffice it to say that Jack Skellington’s attempts to use his posse to kidnap Santa and deliver the toys himself to all well behaved boys and girls on Christmas eve…ends in disaster!

Jack Skellington is adorable as he is lovable and, as a toy, these traits are not found in many!

Our Jack Skellington in the image above glows in the dark and is a must have in 2009!

Weighing in at a mere 2.8 pounds and measuring 4 x 3 x 19 inches, Jack Skellington is just the right size for the mantelpiece to show off to visitors or on the bedside table where he can glow and shine your way around the room when everyone’s asleep!

Grab yourself unique Jack Skellington Merchandise while stocks last!